Work Package 3

Development and validation of QSARs


Paola Gramatica

Paola Gramatica University of Insubria
Willie Peijnenburg Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu
Andreas Woldegiorgis Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Tomas Öberg Linnaeus University
Igor Tetko Helmholtz Zentrum München
Nina Jeliazkova Ideaconsult Ltd.
Sub-activities within this objective include

1) Evaluation of the performance of existing QSARs for the chemical classes studied.

2) Similarity analysis and multivariate ranking methods for identification of priority chemicals in the selected classes to orient the experimental tests in Work Package 2.

3) Development of new QSARs where gaps are identified due to lack of existing models or due to models of insufficient quality.

4) Documentation of the performance of the (final) models selected and developed. Sub-activities 1 and 3 are directly linked with the activities in Work Package 4, as the evaluation of existing QSARs as well as the identification of models of insufficient quality will be carried out within the requirements for reliable application in chemicals legislation.