Vedrin Jeliazkov


Dr. Vedrin Jeliazkov


Ideaconsult Ltd.

Postal addresse

Ideaconsult Ltd.
Angel Kanchev Str. 4
1000 Sofia

Mobile: +359 887818654
Fax: +359 2 9526265

M.Sc. in Computer Science from Université Paris 7 Diderot, Paris, France.

Professional experience:

  • software developer, responsible for the design of quality assurance tests – R&D department of Electricité de France (EDF), Clamart, France – 1996-1998;
  • research associate and assistant professor at the Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (now Institute for Parallel Processing) – 1998-2001, 2003-2007;
  • network engineer at the core node of the Bulgarian National Research and Education Network – 1998-2001, 2003-2007;
  • Chief Technical Officer of the Bulgarian National Research and Education Network – 2004-2007;
  • Chief Technical Director of the Bulgarian National Supercomputing Centre – 2008, Project Manager at Ideaconsult Ltd. since 2004.
  • Research interests:

  • network monitoring and security, parallel and quantum information processing.
  • Participated in numerous R&D projects in France, Belgium and Bulgaria, authored eleven research papers, co-authored one book and gave several talks in scientific conferences.
  • Curriculum Vitae
    Selected recent publications
  • Jeliazkov, V., Ch. Tourlakov. Network Information System for Medical Data. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Telemedicine, June 27 - July 1, 2000, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Jeliazkov, V., Chr. Tourlakov, K. Boyanov, D. Stoev. Telehealth Network Information System. Proceedings of the International Conference “Auotomatics and Informatics”, Sofia, 31 May – 2 June 2001, pp. I-5 – I-8.
  • Turlakov, H., V. Dimitrov, V. Jeliazkov Grid environment for Image Compression. Information Technologies and Control, Sofia, No 1/2004, pp. 23 – 27, ISSN 1312- 2622.
  • Jeliazkov, V., V. Dimitrov, H. Turlakov. Web-based system for managing examinations. E-Learning and the Knowledge Society, Gent, 2005, pp. 3.3.1 – 3.3.9, ISBN/90-70963-892.
  • Andreas Hanemann, Vedrin Jeliazkov, Olav Kvittem, Luis Marta, Joe Metzger, Igor Velimirovic, "Complementary Visualization of perfSONAR Network Performance Measurements," icisp, p. 6, International Conference on Internet Surveillance and Protection (ICISP'06), 2006.
  • Nina Jeliazkova, Luchesar Iliev, Vedrin Jeliazkov, "PerfsonarUI - a Standalone Graphical User Interface for Querying perfSONAR Services," jva, pp. 77-81, IEEE John Vincent Atanasoff 2006 International Symposium on Modern Computing (JVA'06), 2006.
  • Gajin, Slavko; Jeliazkov, Vedrin; Kotsokalis, Constantinos; Mitsos, Yannis. Seamless Integration of Network management Tools in a Multi-Domain Environment. Integrated Network Management, 2007. IM '07. 10th IFIP/IEEE
    International Symposium on May 21 2007-Yearly 25 2007 Page(s):745 – 748.