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Work-flow for model development

Develop model using training set of 644 molecules (no other molecules with T. pyriformis toxicity data should be used) and use this model to predict 449 and 120 molecules from the Known and Blind test set, respectively. Upload your results for both test sets simultaneously.

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Submission of predictions is closed. You can still enter or change your method description, which is required for being considered in the final ranking The challenge winner will be announced at ICANN'09.


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Format of results file

  • The first column can be mol_id or any other identifier
  • The second column must contain the predicted toxicity value
  • The third (optional) column can contain the prediction intervals.

    Notice, that the first column will be ignored. The order of predictions should correspond to the order of molecules in the provided test files. The columns should be tab-separated, e.g.

    mol_1 0.123
    mol_2 1.12
    mol_399 2

    In case there are any unexpected problems uploading files, correspond to: