Aafke Schipper


Aafke Schipper


Radboud University Nijmegen

Postal addresse

Department of Environmental Science
Institute for Water and Wetland Research (IWWR)
Faculty of Science
Radboud University Nijmegen
P.O. Box 9010
NL-6500 GL Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 (0)24 365 29 23
Fax: + 31 (0)24 355 34 50
Homepage: http://www.ru.nl/environmentalscience/staff/staff/a_m_schipper/
eMail: A.Schipper@science.ru.nl
Curriculum Vitae

Aafke Schipper obtained a master degree in physical geography with a specialization in soil and water systems at Utrecht University in November 2003. Graduation projects involved a hydrological and hydrochemical system analysis of a mire in the valley of the Ob River (Western Siberia), and an investigation of the effects of climate change on groundwater levels in the commune of Sehoul (Morocco). She gained further experience in hydrological modeling by the development of a water balance model for the Konya Basin in Turkey, as part of the WWF-project ‘Towards wise use of the Konya Closed Basin’. Subsequently, she worked for a short period as a consultant in hydrology at the company Geofox-Lexmond BV, before starting a PhD research at the department of Environmental Science in March 2005.

List of publications

Loos S.; Schipper A.M. (2003).Hydrological and hydrochemical system analysis of Ob valley mires (Western Siberia). Landschap 5, 33-38.

Schipper A.M.; Zeefat R.; Tanneberger F.; Van Zuidam J.P.; Hahne W.; Schep S.A.; Loos S.; Bleuten W.; Joosten H.; Lapshina E.D.; Wassen M.J. 2007. Vegetation characteristics and eco-hydrological processes in a pristine mire in the Ob River valley (Western Siberia). Plant Ecology 193: 131-145.

Schipper A.M.; Loos M.; Ragas A.M.J.; Lopes J.P.C.; Nolte B.T.; Wijnhoven S.; Leuven R.S.E.W. 2008. Modeling the influence of environmental heterogeneity on heavy metal exposure concentrations for terrestrial vertebrates in river floodplains. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27: 919-932.

Schipper A.M.; Wijnhoven S.; Leuven R.S.E.W.; Ragas A.M.J.; Hendriks A.J. 2008. Spatial distribution and internal metal concentrations of terrestrial arthropods in a moderately contaminated lowland floodplain along the Rhine River. Environmental Pollution 151: 17-26.